Draft Feature to be Added to Wikipedia

Good News for Wikipedia writers since they are now going to enjoy the draft feature and not have to publish their articles before they are ready.

Publishing an article in Wikipedia was probably a real headache for some since there was no way to save an article without publishing it first. Because of this, about 80& of articles were erased by new users. Wikipedia is hoping to change that by adding the draft feature that is going to allow writers to just save their articles and not have to publish them before they are ready.

This new features is first going to be available on the English site first and then sure enough it is going to be available in other languages.  Writers are now going to see the word Draft before the title of the page they re writing and the drafts can not be seen by readers using Wikipedia´s default search,on external search engines but there is a chance that they can be seen in advanced search options.

Hopefully with the draft feature new writers can get constructive criticism from other writers without having to publish what they are writing. Wikipedia did emphasize that even if an article is publish it is still a work in progress and that is something that is not going to change any time soon.

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