Dumb Gadgets

So called Dumb Gadgets may not be so dumb to others but read on and decide for yourself. From Solar powered coasters to shavers that have to be cranked.

I can’t even start to Imagen the amount of gadgets out there and just like there are good gadgets, there are also dumb gadgets out there. Some may be considered dumb and useless but for some reason you feel like buying one, just to try it out. I found some gadgets that are considered dumb but not everyone may think so, so take a look and decide for yourself.

Our first Dumb Gadget is the Wind N’ Go Freedom Shaver. The good side to the charger is that it saves you energy and therefore money. This shaver is powered by cranking a plastic handle for a full minute, which provides enough power for one shave. I don’t know about you but if you decide to use tour shaver its because your too lazy to use the razor, so are you really going to crank up the shaver for a whole minute? If after reading this you want one then you can get one for $46.10 at athenabrands.com. Oh yeah!, Replacement blades and foils sold separately.

Our next dumb gadget is the Eton Solar Link Radio. The radio is for emergencies and apparently looks great will it still look that great when you have to solar charge it for an entire day and only be able to use it a few hours? I think not.

The radio is not waterproof and it has USB cell phone charger Connectors, with rubber gaskets/plugs to seal out moisture, 3.5 mm headphone input, DC-in, and USB charger. You can get the Eton Solar Link Radio for $80.00 at Amazon.

Another So called dumb gadget is the Suntrica Solar Powered Badge. I honestly don’t think this gadget is dumb but it has been given that name. As you can see it’s a normal badge that if you strap it onto a part of you that will be exposed to sunlight, it will get charged up.

If I were to get one I would put on the dashboard while driving and that way I would always have some extra juice. What do you think, Is it dumb? One funny thing though is that the company keeps on mentioning that its pocket sized, last time I checked there wasn’t a lot of sunlight there. You can get the Suntrica Solar Powered Badge for $131.47 at loew-energy.de.

Our final dumb gadget is the Solar Powered Coasters. Unless you feel like spending $26.67 your regular coaters will do just fine but the cool thing about these coaters is that they give your drinks a fluorescent, radioactive look. In my opinion it makes a great guest gadget, I mean s nice details to take out when you have guests for example. You can get the Solar  Powered Coasters for the price previously mentioned at greenfingers.com.

What may seem dumb to others may not seem so dumb to you but hey we are all different. I hope you have enjoyed reading the so called Dumb Gadgets article.

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