Easily Create, Draw on and Share Maps with Scribble Maps

With Scribble Maps you can create maps with your personalized notes directly on the map.

Who knows where we would be without maps. Even if we are traveling within the city we grew up in, depending on the size of the city, it is necessary to use a map. The problem with most maps is that you can only look at them and can´t write anything on them. With ScribbleMaps.com everything changes since it not only lets your scribble on a map but you can also add your personal text to it.


Easily Create, Draw on and Share Maps with Scribble Maps


Not to worry about learning how to use all of the tools this free web app has to offer since there tutorials that show you what each symbol you will see does. You can see those videos over and over again until you are a map scribbling master.



In Scribble Maps you can place text, add custom overlays and images, place markers, draw great circle lines, draw shapes, create custom widgets, create dynamic images, use the distance calculator, export to Google Earth, save as PDF, save as KML/GPX/JPG, send maps to friends and create images and widgets.

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