Electronic Guitar Shirt

The Electric Guitar Shirt is the perfect gift for the guitar lover in your home.

Ah, the joy of music. Well, it is only a joy when what is made from the instrument is actually music but there will come a time when you and your guitar are going to have to part. If you just can’t the idea of not being able to play the guitar whenever you feel like it then you are most likely to be interested in the Electric Guitar Shirt from FireBox. The Guitar shirt is actually something you can actually play and there is more to this great creation.

Electronic Guitar Shirt

There is even a mini amp with tone and volume knobs (of course it goes to eleven) that slips into a pocket in the hem. Simply strum away using the included magnetic pick and prepare to melt faces. It’s all axe no grind. You will also be glad to know that each button on the touch-sensitive neck represents a major chord, and that means that even if you are just learning to play the guitar, you will look like arock start, oh and there are no preloaded riffs.

If you have US$39 to spend then you will sure be the center of attention amongst your friends and if you decide to give the Electric Guitar Shirt a try, let us know if you are happy with it.

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