Emulate Santa´s Visit with the FREE Android and iOS App SantApp

Recreate Santa Claus´s visit with the free App SantApp for Android and iOS.

Christmas is almost here and you can bet that your kids are worrying about what kind of cookies they are going to leave Santa. Will Santa like chocolate chip cookies or regular ones? Will he want one or two glasses of milk? To add more to the holiday spirit is a free Android and iOS app called SantApp.




Once we have downloaded the Christmas app, it is going to ask us how many kids you have and you can choose between 1,2, or 3. Once you are done with that you will be asked to introduce their names, but unfortunately if you entered that you have 3 kids, the name feature will not be available.



Then we are going to need to indicate how much time we are going to need to get the kids from their room and we can choose between 1 to 6 minutes. Remember that the room where the gifts are will need to be completely dark and that the flash of your smartphone will need to be pointed towards the door.

Once the app start working your and your kids will hear the typical sounds that Santa makes, but you will also hear how Santa says the names of your kids. Remember to put your phone on flight mode, you the experience is not ruined by a call or message.

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