Encrypt Your DropBox Files with Sookasa

Secure your DropBox files by encrypting them with Sookasa.

The cloud is a very comfortable place where we can keep our files since we are able to access them from just about any device. Just like pretty much everything, the cloud has its good side and its bad side. So, if we want to keep our DropBox files safe we are going to need to use a file encrypting service like Sookasa.


Sookasa Encripta Archivos Dropbox


You can sign up for a free Sookasa account or you can choose the paid account that offers you a larger variety of features. What Sookasa does exactly is that it creates a folder in your Dropbpx account and any files you put in that folder will automatically be encrypted. You will be able to access your Sookasa folder from any device since thanks to the sync feature.

Don´t worry if you device has been stolen or lost because you will be able to deny access to any device with just one click.  You can also share your encrypted files thanks to the Sookasa secure links. and you can also manage access to your data in real time, even if the files have already been shared.


Encrypt DropBox files


Every single access to your encrypted files are audited by Sookasa and it does´t matter if the files have already been shared externally or downloaded. Other features that you will be able to use in Sookasa include Remote Device Blocking, Employee Off-boarding, File Browsing Across Account and it is HIPAA and FERPA compliant.

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