Enermax Acrylux Wireless Keyboard

The Enermax Acrylux Wireless Keyboard is Enermax’s latest wireless keyboard. Get specs and prices for the Acrylux Wireless Keyboard here.

If you are looking into buying a new keyboard and want to keep it simple but elegant then you now have the opportunity to get your hands on the Enermax Acrylux Wireless Keyboard.On the outside it may look simple but remember that it is the inside that counts with its scissors technology, that is suppose to give you increased comfort and usage while you are typing, and features flat key caps at a zero degree angle to increased typing speed and all of this is in a keyboard that measures 460mm x 160mm x 9.2mm and weighs 817 grams.

The Enermax Acrylux Wireless Keyboard also gives it users two USB 2.0 connectors,2.4GHz wireless frequency. In order for your Enermax Acrylux Wireless Keyboard to work you are going to have to put 2 AAA batteries in it.

New-Enermax-AcryluxYou can either get the keyboard in black and white which is not much as much solor options as one would like but  hopefully in the future they will add more colors. You are going to need $100.00 (66.90€) and for the time being it is for the European Market.

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