European Union to End Roaming Charges

Good news for European travelers since the European Union is planning on ending roaming charges.

Having one less thing to pay is always a good thing and now the European Unions executive arm is looking to get rid of roaming charges across the 28 nation bloc. It was proposed that customers will not have to continue to pay for incoming calls while traveling in other EU countries starting July 2014. They also want EU wide calls to be at the same level as the long distance calls within a country. This is definitely going to be something that everyone is going to love since this can only means savings.

Vacationing Woman on Cell Phone

This is obviously something that big companies such as Vodafone, Orange and Telefonica are not liking at since this obviously means that they are going to win less money but I don´t think that they are going to loose so much that they will go bankrupt.  Any carrier that does not jump on board with this no roaming charges plan is going to have a hard life to live since the EC has said just that. The idea is that carriers adopt a roam like at home strategy, whereby all minutes, text messages and data one might have on their monthly plan can be used in any EU member state without any extra charge. Hopefully everything will go as planned and people can save some extra cash and that way make paying the bills a little easier.

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