Extend Your Smartphone´s Battery Life with AVG TuneUp for Android

Do you want your smartphone to have more Power, Stability, and Space? Just get AVG TuneUp for Android for FREE.

Our smartphones have definitely becomes a part of us and that is why we nee to do everything humanly possible to keep it in tip top shape. There are endless maintenance softwares for smartphone but this one comes from a well known company is security and its FREE!


Extend Your Smartphone´s Battery Life with AVG TuneUp for Android


The AVG TuneUp for Android says that it will extend the battery of your phone and it will even notify you to turn off certain functions that only drain your battery. It also features an easy to see battery consumption that warns you at the level you program it to notify you. Lets say that you want to maintenance software to let you know when you have 30%, that is exactly what it will do.

Extend Your Smartphone Battery Life with AVG TuneUp for Android

Thanks to the Task Killer option you get to see what apps that you don´t use anymore are just taking up space and how much space they are taking away. By deleting them you will free up some much needed RAM that can be used for something more important.

AVG TuneUp for Andrroid also shows you the apps you do use and how much space they take up, so you can decide if you would rather delete it and add a more important app. With the Data Monitor you will also see a breakdown of how much data your apps are really using,  how much you used and how much you have left.

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