Facebook Android and iOS App Remove Messaging

The Facebook iOS and Android App is forcing users to standalone Messenger App by removing messaging.

If you have gotten use to using the messenger feature on the Android and iOS Facebook App, then these are definitely not good news for you. If you want to use the messenger feature, you will now have to use a separate app for that since that feature will no longer be available on the Facebook App for Android and iOS.

Facebook Android and iOS App Remove Messaging

This change becomes effective in the next couple of weeks  and users in European countries are already seeing notifications that they are going to have to install in the next few weeks if they still want to receive FB messages on their phones. One fact that might motivate you to install the Messenger App is that users get replies 20% faster on the Messenger app then they would on the Facebook App.

Another reason that might motivate you to switch to the Messenger app is that new features are constantly being added to the app. If you want to be up to date with the latest features, then you definitely want to be on the Messenger App. Don´t worry about forgetting to switch since users will receive several notices before the change is permanent. The good news for some Android users is that this is not going to affect Android devices that have memory restrictions. android users that fall under this category will be able to chat in-app and not have to download the Messenger App.

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