Facebook App for Windows 8 Confirmed

Good news for Facebook fans that use Windows 8, since it has been announced that you will be able to enjoy a Facebook App on that OS.

Today was a busy day in San Francisco since Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer has announced that Facebook will finally have its own app on Windows 8 but unfortunately there is no info on when this is going to happen exactly but hopefully Microsoft will say something soon. The good news is that an app is definitely coming and I guess that is our only comfort for now since no release date for the Facebook for Windows 8 App has been mentioned.

Facebook App for Windows 8 Confirmed1

The announcement for the Facebook app was no the only thing mentioned since a Flipboard app for windows 8 was also mentioned, something that should lift out spirits at least a little. There was also some good news for NFL fans since an app for football fans was also mentioned but it is obvious that that was the least popular announcement made but it was worth a try. When Microsoft decides that it is time to announce a release date, we will let you know.

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