Facebook Confirms New Sales Tools

After a year, Facebook Finally confirms that users will be able to count on new sales tools.

It has been an entire year since Facebook mentioned some tools users will be able to use new tools so they can sell their items in groups. Today, the social media giant announced that the new tools will be rolling out for all to enjoy. We are all use to seeing the post button, but now, we are also going to see a sell button.


New sales tools on Facebook


This is going to give the user some much needed space, so they can describe what they have for sale, how much it is or if its pick-up or delivery. You will also be able to mark your item as sold or available and you can also see the stuff you have sold in the past.


New sales Tools Facebook


Hope you are not too excited about the new features since they are going to be available in the coming months and not weeks. Let us know if you are happy with the new features in the comments.

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