Facebook to Improve Uploaded Pictures

Facebook to correct clarity and darkness in the pictures users upload to the social network.

An incredible amount of pictures are uploaded to Facebook everyday and the social network is obviously aware of that. That is why Facebook is going to be helping out their users a bit and automatically improve the pictures they upload from a mobile device. It is said that Facebook is going to improve the lighting and the clarity of the images.


New Facebook photo editing feature


The bad news is that this new features is only going to be enjoyed by users that upload their picture though their smartphone.  You can bet that there are going to be some very unhappy desktop users that are going to feel left out. Who knows, the feature could appear later on, but who knows how long we are going to have to wait for that to happen.

The new features will have its own settings, but users will also have the possibility to change the corrections with a simple sliding tool. The new feature is going to be available on iOS and gradually appear on other platforms. Enjoy!

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