Facebook Messenger Will Soon Allow Various Accounts and SMS Support

The famous messaging service will soon add new services.

No messaging service has everything we want it to have, and Facebook Messenger is no different. I´m sure you have a long list of things you would like Facebook messenger to have, but for now, they are only going to be adding two new features: SMS and Multiple Account Support.

Depending on how long you have been using Facebook Messenger, you may even remember it having SMS, but for some reason, Facebook has changed it´s mind and has decided to bring it back. Those users who don´t have a Facebook account are going to love that this feature has returned, but hopefully, this time, it´s here to stay.

So you know, the SMS messages are going to be easy to spot since they are going to be in purple, but the regular Messenger messages will still be purple as usual. The Multiple Accounts feature will be found in the settings panel that will allow you to switch from one account to another. Are you looking forward to these changes? Let me know in the comments.

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