Facebook Third Party Login Now Anonymous

Facebook users will be happy to know that the social network has announced anonymous login for third party sites and applications.

Don´t you just hate it when you start receiving emails from sites or apps where you entered using your Facebook account? Most of us probably used a temporary Email address to see if the site or app was worth it or not and registered the long way in order to keep our Facebook info safe. Good thing that Facebook has announced a new anonymous login app where we can access a site without having to give up our Facebook info.

Facebook Third Party Login Now Anonymous

Now we won´t be so hesitant when it comes to pressing that little blue button that allows us faster access to a certain site or app. The downside to the anonymous Facebook login app is that there are only a few sites available for now but more sites will be added in time. Looks like we are just going to have to be patient for now.

With this new anonymous loging app, sites and apps won´t be able to see any of your personal info but you can program the app to show as much info to an app or site, as you want. You can select what if they can or can not see, what that info is is up to you. Facebook is testing the Anonymous Login App for now with just a few developers and will be available for more in the near future.

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