Facebook Upgrades its News Feed

Never miss another important post on your Facebook news feed thanks to the new News Feed algorithm.

When we access our Facebook accounts, we obviously want to be informed about everything but the problem is that our news feed is so full of posts that we sure enough miss a post that we would have wanted to see. Facebook users complained about this and Facebook heard their cries and did something about it. The news feed algorithm will respond to our signals, for example, how often we contact a friend, a public figure or a page.

It will also be aware of how many likes, comments and shares a post gets from everyone or just your friends. The algorithm will also know how much you have interacted with a certain type of post and it will also make sure that the stories that you did not see because you didn´t scroll down enough, appear near the top of the news feed if the story continues to get lots of likes and comments. This upgrade was tested with a small group of users and the testing showed positive results. There was a 5% increase in the number of likes, shares and comments on the organic stories people saw from friends and there was also an 8% increase in shares, comments and likes on organic stories people saw from pages.

Before this improvement, Facebook users only read 57% of their news feed stories and missed the other 43% but when the stories they didn´t read re-surfaced users read up to 70% of their news feed stories. This is definitely good news for sites since they post now have a much higher chance of being seen by more users.

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