Fake Flappy Bird Apps Spread Malware

Fake Flappy Bird Apps are trying to take over your smartphone or tablet, find out where these fake apps are.

At this point in time we have all heard that Flappy Bird is no more since Dong Nguyen said that he just couldn´t how addictive this game was. That was bad news for gamers but good news for others who have found a way to make money with the death of Flappy Bird. Ever since the Flappy Bird game app was taken down, fake apps have risen.

Cuidado! Se Aprovechan de la Muerte del Popular Juego Flappy Bird para Propagar Malware1

One fake Flappy Bird Android App is the trial version that obligates  you to send a text message to a premium number if you want to quit the game, if you refuse to send the text message, the app won´t let you quite the ¨Flappy Bird App¨. Be careful if you live in Russia or Vietnam since that is where these fake Flappy Bird apps are more rampant.

These Fake Flappy Bids apps behave like the original apps and they secretly connect to a Command and Control server through Google´s Cloud Messaging in order to get instructions. These are good for hiding resulting notifications, text messages and transmitting over the persons phone number Gmail addy and carrier registered with the device being used. Remember only install apps that are safe and come from Google Play.

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