File Sharing Softwares

With these file sharing softwares (BearShare and Cabos) you can send all types of files such as video, audio, documents and much more!

We all need to frequently send some type of file practically everyday and a free file sharing software that can help you with that is BearShare ( This is a peer to peer program that is connected to a file sharing network where you  can share and download all types of files. You can share image, music, audio files, just to mention a few but BearShare also promises faster downloads.

Enjoy fast and legal downloads with over 20 million free videos and songs. You can manage you music library, sync your smartphone, burn CD´s, find out about new music thanks to the features playlist and meet new people. BearShare also offer you new color schemes and the BearShare DJ feature where you can create a playlist of your favorite songs by just entering the name of the artist, name of the song or mood. If you want to try out a similar software you can always try out Cabos (

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