Files Go is the file manager for Android made by Google

It is not uncommon to terms that deal directly with files and folders in Android, but the mobile platform of Google has never had a good manager of your files on the native was up to the user to install a third party application or using a solution developed by the manufacturer of the smartphone. Now, Google has revealed its own file manager: the Files Go.

The Files Go still does not appear for most users, but it is possible to find it in a page of the Play Store in the Google cache. The images show an application quite complete: in addition to the basic functions of a manager (copy, move, rename, and delete), it is possible to clear caches of apps, find the shared files in apps messaging (such as WhatsApp), and even delete duplicate photos.

But the Files Go is not a file manager traditional. As he explains on the gHacks: “he will not let you access any folder; it shows common folders, downloads, files, or videos received, and gives you direct access only to these items”. At least there are some cool things, how to share files with other Android through Wi-Fi without the need of internet connection.

While Google does not release the Files Go to all of them, you can download it on third-party sites (for your account and risk), as the APKMirror; the download has only 5.4 MB.

Files Go is the file manager for Android made by Google

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