Files Go, file manager, Google comes out of beta on Android

The Files Go, file manager for Android developed by Google, was in beta since November. In addition to providing access to photos and documents, it helps you to free up space on the smartphone.

Now, the app is available for all: just search for “Files Go” in the Play Store, or go straight to this link. It is compatible with Android 5.0 Lollipop and later versions.

As pointed out by Google, many smartphones around the world have very little storage — sometimes 4 GB in total. And occupy this space is increasingly simple, given the amount of images, videos and documents that we receive every day.

For this reason, the prominence of the Files Go is the tool to free up space. She offers suggestions, including apps not used in the last four weeks; large files; duplicate photos; and even memes.

This is done by using the technology of computer vision Google. The company says that, during the beta phase, users have saved on average 1 GB of space.

It is also possible to send files to the device from a close friend without using the internet — just that it also use the Files Go. The transfers are encrypted, and achieve up to 125 Mb/s. And, of course, you can navigate through your pictures, videos, and downloads, such as in a file manager common.

Are you using the app? What do you think?

With information: Google, Engadget.

Files Go, file manager, Google comes out of beta on Android

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