Firefox 32 Now Available

Good News for Mozilla fans since Firefox 32 is now available for all to enjoy.

Looks like that fox is back again with some changes for its faithful users. Unfortunately there are no big changes to mention but there is a new HTTP cache so you can enjoy better performance. There is also straightforward language switching for Android users.


Firefox 32 Ya Disponible


If you are an Android users and are currently using Firefox, I´m afraid you will need to have a little bit of patience since it is rolling out slowly for you. If you want Firefox 32 right now, you can head on over to and it will be there waiting for you with open arms.

With Firefox 32 you will also enjoy the integration  of generational garbage collection,, see the historical use information for logins held in password manager and lower sorbian (dsb) locale have been added.


Firefox 32 Now Available


You will be happy to know that the largest addition is the public key pinning and with this you can rest assure that you will be connecting to the sites you actually want to connect too.

Firefox for Android now allows its users to shift between the 55 languages and it it won´t matter in what original language you installed the browser. Speaking of languages there are 6 more that users can choose and they are Welsh, Armenian, Fulah, Basque, Icelandic and Scottish Gaelic. Enjoy!

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