First Complaints About The iPad

Here come the first complaints about the iPad. The first complaints about the iPad have to do with poor WiFi signal.

Well we all knew that this day was going to come, but not so soon. Just 3 days after it official release iPad user are already making their complaints known. There have been complaints that the iPad get little or no WiFi signal, when other devices in the same are work just fine. Even people like Michael Arrigton are complaining about their iPad stating the following:

“I’m getting one or two bars on my iPad in rooms where my iPhone, iPod touch, both Macbook Pros, Apple TV and Playstation all get full service,” he said.

I think we can all understand iPad users frustration since the only way that the iPad can be connected is through its WiFi connection. Lets just hope that the problem is not a hardware/design issue because if it were it is not something that can be fixed with a software patch. User have been complaining on the Apple support forum saying that downloading is painfully slow and that it goes off line every 5-10 minutes. Other user are just not going to wait for Apple to find a solution and are planning to return the iPad as soon as they can.

For the time being Apple has not commented on the complaints and who knows when they are going to do so. If you are an iPad owner, Are you really going to put up with the painfully slow downloading or is the iPad going to back ASAP? Sometime the action of wanting to be the first to have something can bring us problems such as the ones that current iPad owners are going through. We all know that when something as big as the iPad or slightly less important, usually always has the tendency to come with problems after.

The complaints don’t seem to be from every single iPad owner out there, so there has to be some that are working just fine, but if someone pays UD$500 for something, you at least expect it to work properly.

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