First Trailer of FIFA 14 Gameplay

If you are a soccer fan then you must have been waiting for this a while now and here you have it, the first trailer with FIFA 14 gameplay.

Today is a good day for soccer fans they can finally see what FIFA 14 is going to be like since EA has released the first trailer with live gameplay. You will be able to become your favorite soccer player whether it be Lionel Messi from F.C Barcelona o Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid. U.S soccer fan will get the gane a few days before European fans will but the difference is only of a couple of days.

There are some improvements in the game and that is ‘Precision Movement’ which provides improved player animations and biomechanics form the basis of every FIFA 14 character model, allowing players to move in a more fluid, realistic way. The players will also be in a better position in front of the soccer arch in order to have a better angle and actually make those shots. The U.S will get FIFA 14 on September 24th and European gamers will get the game on the 27th.

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