Flappy birds is Back as Family

If you have missed Flappy Birds, you will definitely be happy to know that the birds are back in ¨Flappy Birds Family¨.

It has only been a year since Flappy Birds came into our lives and it already has a new name, ¨Flappy Birds Family¨. Little by little the game started gaining fans and became a total hit but Nguyen still decided to pull it from Android and iOS.


Flappy birds is Back as Family1


Now, Flappy Birds Family is back but on Amazon FireTV and it still has all of its challenge and charm. Players will enjoy some new editions but the game still needs the player to guide a bird through a myriad of pipes.


Flappy birds is Back as Family


The game also features selectable characters, new obstacles and multi-player mode. Now word yet on when the game is going to be released for Android and iOS but when that info is available, we will definitely let you know.

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