Flickr to Remove Google and Facebook Sign In

By the end of the month you will no longer be able to use your Facebook and Google account to sign into Flickr.

Bad news for since Flickr users won´t be able to sign in using their Facebook or Google accounts. This was something that Yahoo had announced earlier this year but  is finally putting into action. The Facebook and Google sign in has already been removed from a sports service and soon it is going to be Flickr´s turn.


Ya no Se Podrá Ingresar a Flickr con Cuentas Facebook y Google


So, What can Flickr users do now? If they want to continue using Flickr, you will need to create a Yahoo account. If you already have a Flickr account, you will need to synchronize it with Flickr A.S.AP.Being able to sign in with your Facebook and Google account was added to Flickr about 3 years ago but Marissa Mayer wants Yahoo to grow and this is definitely one way to do it.


No more third party sign in on Flickr


Yahoo has already sent out notices to their users that as of June 30th, they will no longer be able to sign in with their Facebook or Google account. If you look on the bright side of opening a Yahoo account, you will shown posts that actually interest you by either pressing the plus or minus buttons. You will definitely have a more personalized experienced on Yahoo.

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