The Flying Fire Breathing Dragon – Breathes Real Fire

If you have always wanted a real fire breathing dragon, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for since Hammacher Schlemmer has one for you.

When we were kids, many of is probably watched some type of cartoon that had a fire breathing dragon and wanted one after that. As we got older we realized or someone told us that they don´t actually exist. They do now thanks to the Flying Fire Breathing Dragon from Hammcher Schlemmer. This is a remote controlled beast that can fly up to 70mph and spits out propane powered fire when on the ground. Great feature that it only spits out fire while on the ground since some wise guy may try to burn someones house down just because he was rejected as a friend on Facebook,

The fire breathing dragon´s eyes also light up thanks to the LED light it has and it also has a small turbine engine that provides thrust that exit the rear at 500mph. It also uses 1/2 gallon of jet aircraft fuel or if you prefer kerosene for a a 10 minute flight time.The dragon head also swivels in the direction that it is turning and it can also climb and dive thanks to the wing ailerons and elevators that are integrated into the V-tail rudder.

You will be able to control the fire breathing beast with a 2.4GHz radio remote and with this you can control the 4 clawed feet that have a 3¨-diam rubber wheel for steering and braking.There is no doubt that this dragon is made from good quality materials but would you actually pay US$60,000 dollars for this? Well that is how much Hammcher Schlemmer is asking for this so, start saving your pennies.

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