Follow Santa´s Sleigh with Google Santa Tracker

Discover where Father Christmas is with Google´s Santa Tracker.

Christmas Eve is here and you know what that means. Santa Claus is coming to town!. Santa has already visited some parts of the world and if you want to know when Father Christmas, Pere Noel, Pere Noel, Swiety Mikolaj, Santa Claus is going to be in your area, you will need Google´s Santa Tracker.


Sigue a Santa Google


If you want to see where in the world if Santa, just go to to find out. The app will ask for permission to see your computers location, and that way tell you how far away Santa´s sleigh is. It also tells you Santa´s next stop and if you click on the hamburger menu icon, you will have access to various Free Christmas Games for Kids.

There is a large variety of Christmas games for the little ones. There are memory games, racing games, coloring games, create greetings and there is even one where you can create a personalized audio greeting with Santa´s voice for that special someone.


Google Santa Tracker


You will be asked a series of questions so the greeting can personalized and once you are done, you will be asked what you want to do with the greeting the elves have created for you. Among the various options you are offered, you can either send it via eMail or through your smartphone. What are you waiting for in order to have fun with these fun and free X-Mas games.

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