FollowUpThen – Web App to Send Reminder Emails

Clear your inbox and only get eMails you created when you actually need them with FollowUpThen.

There are just so many things to remember that we just need some help, whether it´s from an app or post it. FollowUpThen is a web app that is determined to help us remember all the things we need to remember.


FollowUpThen - Web App to Send Reminder Emails1


Lets say you have an Email that has been in your inbox forever but you have it there so you won´t forget. Relax and forward it to this useful web app and it will come back to you when you actually need it.

With this app you can snooze and Email for 2 weeks, remind yourself of an email tomorrow at 2PM and you can even be your own personal assistant. You can schedule to receive your contact list, boarding passes or other content, right when you need it.



You can also use FollowUp Then to remind yourself if someone doesn´t answer your Email in 2 days or to remind them if they don´t answer you. Does your best friend have a bad memory, you can also use the app to set reminders for others and even set group reminders.

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