FoxConn Asks Employees to Sign Anti-Suicide Contract

FoxConn asks employees to sign anti-suicide due to the suprising numbers of recent suicides of FoxConn employees.

This is definitely new when it comes to getting a job. One signs the typical contract that most people don’t read but this? Sounds crazy but it is true, If you want to work for FoxConn looks like this is something you will need to sign. What has made FoxConn to do such a thing? It all has to do with the string of suicides that have been going on and I think we all remember the worker at Chinese manufacturer Foxconn committed suicide back in 2009 after a fourth-generation iPhone prototype for which he was responsible went missing. A total of 14 employees have killed themselves in the past 16 months.

Employees were asked to sign a contract that said this:

In the event of non-accidental injuries (including suicide, self mutilation, etc.), I agree that the company has acted properly in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and will not sue the company, bring excessive demands, take drastic actions that would damage the company’s reputation or cause trouble that would hurt normal operations.

FoxConn tells their employees tot take advantage of the help they provide their employees with, help such as the the complaints line, help line, or the trade union hotline. An investigation as to the conditions of the employees in the factory were done and it was found that workers are banned from talking and are made to stand up for their 12-hour shifts, and the Excessive overtime.

FoxConn Employee:

Take on employee for example that worked 98 hours of overtime in one month. Another example is the peak periods of demand for the iPad, employees only had one day off in 13 and if you didn’t do your job correctly, you were humiliated in front of colleagues.

If one though that their job sucked I think we just found a job that could possibly be even worse. Would you work for FoxConn?






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