Frozen Free Fall Game for Free on Android, iOS and Windows 8

Download for free the oficial game from Frozen to play on your Android, Apple, Windows Phone and Windows 8 device.

If you liked the movie Frozen, yes, the Disney movie that was mentioned various times at the Oscars, then you are definitely going yo like Frozen Free Fall. Prepare yourself to play an entertaining and epic puzzle game full of adventures in the Kingdom of Arendelle alongside your favorite characters like Ana, Elsa and many more.You will have to think how you are going to get through those 120 freezing puzzles but remember that it is FREE to play!

The game starts with Elsa and Ana trying to unblock other characters while you are trying to advance to more complicated and difficult versions that will require great ability. If you manage to get through you will be able to unlock characters such as Olaf, Sven, Kristoff, Hans and Pabbie!.  This game was made for the most popular platforms, in other words, Android 2.3.3 and above, iOS, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. It is completely free but there may be some in game object that might require a purchase here or there. You may have to pay if you want to access certain levels and unblock certain characters.


The game can be downloaded in all its versions at Where you will only have to choose the version for your smartphone or device whee you wish to play, Enjoy!

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