Fully Retractable Steering Wheel from TRW

Even steering wheel are getting more advanced technology and we have TRW to thank that will create one with voice commands and more.

It’s only normal that as time goes by that the technology found in cars also advances and here is a perfect example. It is a fully retractable steering wheel from TRW, that allows older driver to have an easier time getting out of the car. For some, the steering wheel is more of a help but for other it only bothers. So if the steering wheel in your car bothers you, you only have to wait until 2016, when this fully retractable steering wheel becomes available.

Rectractable Steering Wheel

“The automotive industry is being influenced by some key factors such as a more active older population and the growth of mega cities. (…) The foldable steering wheel concept is a prime example of technology that allows easier access for elderly people and those faced with mobility challenges.” (Manuel Poyant, development manager, Steering Wheel Systems and Driver Airbag).

This is a great idea for small cars since with this  new steering wheel, small cars are now going to have more space inside. In order for the steering wheel to retract, the wheel is made out of two smaller handles which fold inward nearly at the same level with the dashboard, whenever the car is turned off. When you re-enter your car, the wheel returns to the initial driving position. In addition to this, it’s great that each driver can pre-set and save its own comfortable position of the wheel.

When this high tech steering wheel comes out in a few years, it is going to make people lives a lot easier since it is also going to featurevoice commands, legible buttons and interfaces too. Hopefully the manufacturer will change their mind and have the steering wheel out before 2016.

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