Funny and Original Office Supplies

With this hilarious office supplies, Mondays will never be the same again.

Lets face it, the same boring old routine cam drive you crazy. The same things in the same places can also provoke a nervous tick. So, why not add a little humor to that boring office with the following funny office gadgets.

1. The Sip N´Spill Coaster – Coffee

This original coaster is available now at and it can be all yours for just 99 cents. You will have a good laugh making people think you spilled coffee and couldn´t care less to clean it up.

2. Applause Button

You have done something in the office that you are proud of and there is no one there to congratulate you, no problem. That is why you have the Appaluse Button from (UD$5.99). Just press the button for a round of cheering and clapping for whatever it is you are proud of. Hey..if you can use to cheer someone else…but that is only if you want to of course.

3. Prescription Coffee Mug

I an not myself if I don´t have my cup of coffee in the morning, so in order to get along with my day I NEED my cup of joe. There is this great doctor called Dr. Harold Feelgood that recommends one mug my mouth and that I should repeat until awake and alert. Just in case you can´t remember, you have this great mug for UD$8.49 that besides giving your coffee will get a good laugh too.

4. Googly Eye Pushpins

Your regular office push pins can be a little boring and will never get you to smile. So, instead of keeping the office´s monthly calendar up with those boring office push pins you can get the Google Eye Pushpins from for UD$5.95. For that price you get a set of 25 gorgeous eyes that just can not be taken off you.

5. The Cubicle Guard Lazer Tripwire

Is everyone at the office so up on your personal business that you are afraid of even leaving your work area? If you, keep you area safe with the Cubicle Guard Lazer Tripwire. You can also use this to know that the boss is coming so you have a 5 second head start to hide whatever it is you were doing that was not work related. The purchase includes two senders and one receiver and don´t forget that you will need 6 AAA batteries.

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