Game Developer Brian Wood Dies in Car Accident

Relic game developer Brian Wood dies in car accident but not before doing something truly heroic.

Usually when we talk about videogames on this site its because one is going to be released or something else but when we talk about the gaming world today it is to announce something that is truly saddened us all. Brian Wood who was a videogame developer at Relic was involved in a car accident that for him turned out to be fatal. Brian is survived by his wife, Erin and his yet unborn child.

When we hear these kind of stories one asks themselves, what went wrong? Well according to police there was an out of control Chevy Blazer hurtled toward the Wood family, that is when Brian reacted and Brian braked hard and swerved his car so that he would take the brunt of the impact, saving his wife and child. While the crash was fatal to Brian, his wife escaped with only minor injuries and his child was unharmed.

If the accident would have been a head on collision then everyone in the car would have died but thanks to the heroic action on Brian’s behalf at least his wife and unborn child were saved. The woman responsible for the accident is Jordyn Weichert, 21, she was the one driving but at one point in time she asked her friend who was in the passenger side to take the wheel while she took off her sweater. That resulted in the car jumping the center line into incoming traffic, and left Woods, and two passengers from the other car (25-year-old Jacob Quistorf and 26-year-old Francis Malloy) dead.

Weichert is awaiting charges of three counts of vehicular homicide and one count of vehicular assault. Police suspect drugs were among the causes of the crash. “There is quite a drug history there . . . and we found some evidence of that at the scene so that leads us to believe there were drugs in their systems,” said Sgt. Jason Longoria.

“More than anything he was a wonderful man,” Erin said of her late husband. “He was so excited to be a father and he did the only thing he could to save his baby and it is so telling about who he is as a person that he was willing to sacrifice himself to save us. That is the true measure of a husband and a father. He loved life and was just so thankful for everything.”

This is truly a sad story that we all wish would have never happened, and we ask that no “woman driver jokes” be written as a sign of respect. Well Done Brian…..well done hero.

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