Generators to Create Wish Lists and Free Online Gifts

Generators to Create Free Online Gift Lists in order to create Interactive Wish Lists easily.

I am sure that we are going to agree that those can can give a gift, but a GOOD gift, is not at everyone´s reach. It is just NOT that easy to know exactly what could be ¨that¨ perfect gift for each one of your loved ones, fiends, co-workers, neighbors, Etc.


Wish List Generators


Thanks goodness that for those of us that have no clue on how to give the perfect gift, there are various options to know which is the ideal gift to give this Christmas, New Year´s, Birthdays, Etc. For example, we have those Generators of Wish Lists and Gifts Online, Online store´s wish list and even wish lists from apps and Google Play games and iTunes.


#1 Free Online Wish List Generators


With the most popular online wish list generators, we can find 3 web services that are completely fee and easy to use. We could even call them ¨independent¨ since they do not belong to any online store.


Addwish ( 


Free Online wish list generator - addwish


Addwish is an excellent free online tool that is available in various languages and is specialized in helping users easily create attractive online wishlists. With its singularities, this wish list generator has a system that suggests certain gift ideas from different online stores _the majority of them foreign_ with the idea of inspiring you with the perfect gift.

One of the most important features on Addwish is one that helps us NOT TO LOOSE THE SURPRISE EFFECT (the main weakness Wish Lists and Gift Lists have). It is the possibility that all those who have received and invitation to see your wish list have of marking the gifts they will buy, but without the lucky receiver being able to see which ones have been marked off.


Wishlist (


Online wishlist generators - wishlist


Wishlit´s main feature is it large number of perfectly organized categories in order to create long and complete gift lists. A really inspirational factor to find the gift we want to give or receive. This is such a great wish list service and it would of been even better if it was available in more languages so other can enjoy it as well.


WishListr (


wishlist generator - wishlistr


Wishlistr is an web application to create wish lists and gift lists online that is very easy to use. With this app we can put together, organize y follow-up on the gifts or wishes we wish to give or receive. Just like other generators, it has a feature that suggests gifts from online stores. Users will also be able to share the list with friends and family, that way avoiding repeated gifts.


#2 Generators of Gift List from Online Stores

Here we are going to see the wish lists and gift lists from different online stores. These lists have been created to promote the products they sell, but with some additional options of products they don´t have yet.


Amazon Wish List (


Amazon Online wish lists


There is no doubt that Amazon´s Wish List and Gift List will always be among the most popular. They have created an entire web app where we can create a list of the Amazon products we want or that we want to give away. Another good thing is that we can also include products that are not sold on Amazon.


eBay Wish List (

eBay Wish List


eBay has also jumped on the wish list band wagon and by adding this features has helped us so we can create the most singular gift lists we can find. This is probably the only place where we can create wish lists with second hand products or used products. The sharing it with our friends on our favorite social network.


Google Play Store Wish List (


Google Play Store Wish List


Another one that didn´t want to be left behind on the web´s wish list, is the most visited site on the Internet,…Google. The Google Play Store has featured the Wish list for a while now, so we can start creating our wish list and start sharing it with family and friends now.


iTunes and App Store  Wish List (


iTunes and App Store Wish List


Even thought the wish list has been created to isolate the songs, books, movies, and electronic products we would like to have, we can also use this this holiday season so everyone knows what we want to get this Christmas. This way we fulfill the reason why all wish lists and gift lists were created and that way make sure that the GOOD gift is not just another one that gets lost among all the other gifts.

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