German Court Rules to Stop XBox 360 Sales

Motorola wins temporarily a patent war against Microsoft in a German courtroom.

The war between companies and their effort to fight for their patents is something we are all use to a this point in time and we just wait to see who wins those battles. This time it is Motorola who ( for now) has won one of its battles against Microsoft and it the ruling sticks this is going to be one big blow for Microsoft. Microsoft has appealed the decision but it was not mentioned how long we are going to have to wait to see what the judge rules.

XBox 360

Until the judge makes his final decision the sales of the XBox 360 are going to continue as usual but the ruling also applied for Microsft’s Windows Phone 7. Even if the ruling the judge first made was final, it would not have been that horrible since  since Microsofts their wider European distribution operations centre has already moved to the Netherlands from Germany.

Time will tell if things turn around for Microsoft since not too long ago, LG dropped Windows Phone 7 as their OS and went back to Android since the Microsoft OS was not giving the company the numbers they were expecting. As soon as the decision of the judge is made public we will let you know.

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