Gmail Android App to Soon Have Ads

We all knew this day was coming and the fact that we may soon see ads on the Gmail Android App, is proof that ads have taken over the world.

Some consider them annoying and other actually find them useful, there are obviously a lot of opinions about ads but it looks like they are slowly creeping into our smartphone apps.Now, if all goes as planned we are going to see ads in the Gmail Android App. The ads are not there just yet but don´t be surprised if you see them in there in the near future. The ads that Gmail Android users are going to see will be similar to the ads that began appearing in the promotions tab of Gmail web users in July.

These ads are not going to be appearing on the side of your Gmail window or in a ticker at the top, instead they are going to be appearing as ads similar to our other Emails. The difference that these ads are going to have is that they are going to be marked as ads under the name of the ¨sender¨with an information icon we can clock on if we want to know more about the ad. If you like an ad you see, you can save them in your inbox or you can erase them if they just annoy you. There is no exact date as to when we are going to see these ads in Gmail for Android but you can bet your bottom dollar that they are on their way.

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