Google Branded Chrome OS Netbook – Latest Tech Rumors

Rumors of a Google Branded Chrome OS Netbook. Latest technology rumors right our of the oven.

We just can’t  help but drool with the rumors about upcoming netbooks. The latest rumor going around is that Google wants to launch it’s very own Google Branded Chrome OS Netbook. The netbook will of course be running on Googles very own Chrome OS, none the less. There have been reports that Google is working with one manufacturer to built their very own Google branded netbook.

Looks like Google is not in much of a hurry to launch their Google branded netbook since they have plans to launch their netbook at the end of 2010, sometime around Christmas. At least you know what you are going to want for Christmas of next year.  That is all the information that is available for now but as the info comes out ,we will keep you informed.

Chrome OS NetbookFor now we can at least wonder what the Google Netbook is going to include. What would you like it to have?

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