Google changes the controversial emoji burger and added the cheese where it should be

Many were the voices that rose up against how Google had the ingredients in the emoji burger. Twitter was the battle field for complaints and petitions direct to your CEO, Sundar Pichai, gave in and announced that it would stop the machines of the technological giant until they could solve this issue.

The position of the cheese in the burger of Google generated a lot of controversy on Twitter

Well, it seems that for the launch of Android 8.1. the first update of the system Oreo, Google has already included the cheese into a position that pleased the users.

Who first warned of the mistake made by Google was Thomas Baekdal, initiating the debate on why a slice of cheese I could not go in last place in a burger.

The situation brought consequences even in the menu of Google: as stated in this worker, the company opted to claim a particular way of assembling this dish.

These emojis how different they are between operating systems leave all of the same dictionary, the Emojipedia, created by Unicode. Any user may start a campaign to include new emojis if you get enough support: that is what happened with the paella, which you can now find on any keyboard but that is behind a strong and constant advertising campaign. Companies then adapt the icons as they should be, creating at times some crossings of information with emojis that seem to say the same thing, but are so different that they are not understood.

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