Google Chrome OS Notebooks Available on June 15th

Samsung and Acer will be the lucky brands to sport the recently presented Google Chrome OS.

Looks like the day when we are going to get Google chrome OS Notebooks is not to far away, June 15th to be exact. So, what two companies are going to be the ones providing us with these latest creations?

Specifications, Pricing and Availability for the Samsung and Acer Google Chrome OS Notebooks

It will be Samsung and Acer and Samsungs notebook will just happen to feature an 8-hour battery life with a 12.1-inch screen display. On the other hand we have Acer’s notebook that is going to be featuring a 11.6-inch display and a 6.5-hour battery life. If you want more performance you know which one is going to last longer. If you are more of a Samsung person then their notebook is going to have a price tag of US$429 if you want the Wi-Fi model but if you want the 3G version then that one is going to set you back US$499.

Acer’s Google Chrome OS Notebook will have a starting price of US$349 and up.  As it has been mentiones the Notebooks are going to be available on June 15th and in the US it will be available on and Best Buy stores nationwide. Outside of the US, countries such as France. the United Kingdom, and other countries will get the notebook at the same time. With Google Chrome OS, notebooks are going to start up faster and have a longer battery life, something that will surely be welcomed.

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