Google Designs a Throat Tattoo That Also Works as a Lie Detector

It´s official, Google has filed a patent of an electronic skin tattoo that can connect to a smartphone and can double up as a lie detector.

Google is always busy working on something and this electronic skin tattoo is one of many projects. This electronic skin tattoo is able to connect to a smartphone and can also be used as a lie detector. Not to worry, the tattoo is not permanent since it is applied to a sticky substance on the skin. The reason behind the idea is for someone to wear a communication device on their throat and that way the can keep their smartphone in their pocket. Since the electronic tattoo communicates with the smartphone in your pocket, it is going to make things a lot easier if you need to talk but can´t use your hands.

According to Google´s application it could be used by security personnel such as undercover officer that work in loud surroundings such as sports events and political demonstrations. The electronic tattoo also has a darker side too and it can also be hooked up as a lie detector and it can further include a galvanic skin response detector to detect skin resistance of a user. So far this is all that is known about the Google electronic tattoo but when more is know about it, we will let you know.

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