Google Glass – Official Specs

Google has finally put us out of our misery and has finally revealed the official specs for the Google Glass.

First we heard that a few fortunate people were going to be able to buy Google Glass before anyone else but we didn´t know what specs they would be enjoying. That wait is finally over since Google has finally given the official specs for Google Glass. The glasses of the future are going to have features such as a a 5MP camera, 720p video, and 16GB of internal storage (of which, 12GB is usable).

Other features include 802.11b/g and a display of 25-inches HD screen but only if you are 8 feet away from the TV. Battery was obviously very important since Google Glass will give users a full day´s use with typical use, although Hangouts and video recording may drain the battery.

In order to assure that Google Glass would give users a full day´s use, the glasses feature 802.11b/g because if it had 802.11n the battery might not last that long. The specs are not the best in the world but they are not that bad considering that we are talking about Glasses. Looks like we now have some time to think about if we really want to buy Google Glass since we now know what specs it is going to have.

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