Google Glass Will be Taken Off Shelves

Google to eliminate the sale of Google Glass very shortly.

Google Glass sales have been suspended as of next week, so if you want to get your hands on it, act fast. Google has already made it clear that Google Glass while be under new management and that despite the concerns it raises, it it going to continue to support the Glass technology.


Google Suspende ventas de Google Glass


When Google Glass was first launched we were all very excited about it, despite the US$1,500 price tag, but with time the privacy concerns came up. The Glass team is going to keep developing the project (that includes possible new versions), with the help of Tony Faddell, CEO of Nest labs.

Many were worried about their conversations being recorded without their permission and you can bet that movie theaters were also worried for obvious reasons. Only time will tell when Google will re-launch Google Glass or if we are never going to see it being sold again. Will you miss it?

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