Google Maps Now Shows All 12 World Cup 2014 Stadiums

Made especially for the Wordl Cup 2014 in Brazil, Google Maps now shows users the 12 stadiums where the games will be held.

While soccer is the most important sport in some countries, it is the least popular in others but that didn´t stop Google Maps from updating its service and now allows users to see the 12 stadiums where the games of the World Cup 2014 will be held. That´s is not all that Google Maps did since Google Maps Users can also see the painted streets in Brazil and the cities top tourists attractions such as St. Michael of the Missions.


world cup 2014 Google Maps

World Cup 2014


There are also good news for those who live in Brazil or tourists that actually traveled over there since Google has improved its mobile app and it will now include transit data in the 12 cities where games will be played. There are also new indoor maps to more than 100 venues that include malls, airports and you can even see what the inside o the stadiums look like. Hopefully this new information will help a lot of users and that the World Cup doesn´t suffer any type of attacks.

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