Google Nexus One Cancelled – Another Smartphone Bites the Dust

Google has stopped the production of their Nexus One Smartphone. After last batch is out no more will be made.

I think it is obviously something very embarrassing  when one of their products has to be canceled. It could hurt even more if it a big manufacturer but these things tend to happen. With that in mind, just in case you haven’t heard, Google’s Nexus Ones has bitten the dust. Yes ladies and gentleman its production has been terminated.

First it was the Microsoft Kin that stopped selling and now it is the Nexus One that just can’t compete with Apple’s iPhone 4, some may think. Will there ever be anyone who is worthy of competing with the iPhone 4? According to Eric Schmidt from Google said that it was the companies purpose to expand Googles own OS (android)  and now that it has expanded enough the smartphone is no longer needed. It was great while it lasted.

If you own a Nexus One there is no need to panic, just because Google has stopped selling the smartphone that does not mean that other companies such as Vodafone,Verizon and KT are not going to continue selling the smartphone. Google has said that the only thing that is going to stop is it production and the cancellation of the site. If you have one, you will still have customer service if you encounter any problems.

The production is going to completely stop after the final batch of mobiles they have just received from the manufacturer have been sold.

“To ensure our developers have access to a phone with the latest Android OS, Google will be offering the Nexus One through a partner for sale to registered developers” the blog concludes.

Google says:

The Wall Street Journal reports that Andy Rubin, Vice President of the Internet Search Engine giant said “the reason we cancelled it wasn’t because of the sales”.

Well apparently there were a couple of factors that led to Google’s decision to axe the Nexus store including rival Android phones on the market and the difficulty selling the Nexus One on-line on a global scale.

It’s not quite as bad as it sounds though as the phone will still be available to developers who want to make applications for the Android application store and it will still be available to buy from wireless retailers in Europe, Korea and possibly some parts of Asia, just not in the US.

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