Google prohibits apps from placing ads on the lock screen of the Android

Applications that hijack the lock screen of the Android, showing a lot of advertisements whenever you turn on the smartphone screen, have become common: up ES File Explorer, one of the file managers most popular platform, came the appeal to this tactic annoying. Now, developers will be prohibited from doing this.

In the central policies of the developer of the Play Store, Google included a new rule about monetization of the lock screen: “apps may not display advertisements, or resources that generate revenue from the locked screen of a device, unless the only purpose of the app is to provide the service lock screen”.

By rule, an application from the lock screen (why you’d install one?) you can show ads, but any other is not. This should avoid cases like the ES File Explorer, with more than 100 million installations: in the past year, ES Global (a company of Baidu) thought it would be a good idea to display the battery charge, and a banner game for Android. After being scolded by the users, she turned back.

We’ll see if Google will do a cleaning on the Play Store.

With information: Android Police.

Google prohibits apps from placing ads on the lock screen of Android

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