Google Testing New Video Chat Feature with Doctors

Soon users can contact a doctor through video chat after Googling their symptoms.

With the whole Ebola thing going on, it is to be expected that people are keeping a close eye on their health. Hopefully it is not a life threatening virus that is finally what motivates us to have good health but if it is goal you have, you are definitely going to love a new feature Google is testing.


Google Prueba Vídeo Chats con Doctores para Búsquedas de Símtomas2


As you can see in the image, if you were to search for knee pain, you would see a camera icon that has a text along side it that says, ´Talk with Doctor Now´. It is up to you if you click on it or not but if you don´t, Google offers you some tips on how to treat you knee pain.


Google Testing New Video Chat Feature with Doctors


While the feature is in trial, Google will assume all the costs but only until the feature is officially available. After that it is going to be a paid feature but even so, it is still going to be a great feature.

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