Google Wallet Users Can Now Split the Check

Google Wallet users are going to be happy to hear that they can now split the bill with another user.

Google Wallet has become a very useful and comfortable way to pay for our things, but What if we can only pay for half of a bill? If that is your case, you will be happy to know that that is something that Google Wallet users are now able to do. Users were happy to receive low balance alerts and recurring bank transfers, and now this!


Split check google wallet


The latest Google Wallet feature is very easy to use since you only have to enter the amount that will be divided, then list your contacts and their part of the total. Once you have done that a request will be sent to the people you split the bill with and they will just have to settle things with you. If you want, you can always use the optional reminder of the upcoming event or the purchase everyone will be making together.

The update also gives users Touch ID support for logins and users can also see their gift cards and loyalty offline.US users can now get the latest version of Google Wallet for iOS.

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