Google Will not Open Retail Stores Across the U.S

Bad news for Google fans who were hoping for Google Stores across the U.S.

This is definitely bad news for those who were really hoping that this would happen and there were good reasons to believe this since it was the Wall Street Journal who ¨confirmed¨that Google was going to open retail stores across the U.S.

It was only last week, when the Wall Street Journal confirmed this news but it was today when Google’s Senior Vice President of Mobile and Digital Content Andy Rubin completely denied this piece of information an said that there is no no need to create its own retail stores at this time.

Google store

Rubin also believes that customers don´t need to actually go to a store and feel the product and then decide if they want to buy the product. He believes consumers can make their educated decisions by talking to their friends or reading reviews on-line. Do You Agree?

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