Google/ASUS Tablet to Soon Arrive [Rumor]

Rumors are now saying that we can expect the Google/ASUS tablet sooner than we think but when?

The idea of a Google/ASUS tablet is obviuosly a good idea and we have been hearing about this possibility for quite some time but now we are hearing that the anticipated tablet might be presented in June but that it will hit stores in July. The two companies have not commented on the rumor since there have been companies that release a statement to squash any rumors going around about their devices.

Nexus tablet

The rumors also indicate that the Google/ASUS tablet will be a 7 incher and a quad core device. The price for the Google/ASUS tabñet is rumored to be around US$200 but I guess we just have to wait and see what the final price is. It has also been mentioned that the first batch of tablet is going to be around 600,000 but that might not be enough but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Asus decides to do.

If these rumors are true then we are definitely going to hear something from the companies soon and lets all cross our fingers that we do.

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