Grace E Motorbike

Straight from Germany, the electric bicycle names Grace E Motorbike. Find out from what amazing parts it is made out of and its amazing price.

Grace E is not your ordinary Bike, where are you going to find a bike that is made out of Formula one Car parts and from fighters. I think we have all made the mistake that we have pedaled more than we should have considering the fact that we have to pedal the same distance to get back home and find ourselves practically passing out on the living room from whispering ” 9-1-1″. Good thing that the Grace E Motorbike is electric too and has 1300-watt motor with lithium ion batteries.

On the Grace E Motorbike you will be able to travel 18 to 31 miles per charge, but that depends on your weight. The good thing about the Grace E Motorbike is that you only need an hour to charge it and you can pick up on speed as high as 40 MPH.  With all the things we have mentioned, hopefully you have made yourself an idea of how much this beauty might cost but I don’t think you thought it would cost $8,742.00. The bike could be made strictly out of material the NASA uses and I still wouldn’t pay that much for a bike no matter how many accessories it might have.

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